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Sähköpuoti has 35 years of exprience in the fields of electric installations, service & repairs and electronics retail. We are devoted to high customer satisfaction, and continuously strive to develop our services.

Our main office and service center is located in the Eastern Helsinki Metropolitan area, along the road Itäväylä.

Our customers appreciate our through knowledge on the products and electrical systems, as well as our punctuality.

Contact information
tel: +358 - 9 - 253 40100

The Main Fields for our services
Electricity for housing and industries
  Electric installations, both large and small scale, serving industries and housing. Electricity consultation and planning. When planning, whether it is a new build or renovation, we will be happy to offer our knowledge to your service!
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  Around the Year with Sähköpuoti!

Electrical machines, large and small
  Electric services and repairs, all electric devices need occasionally services and repairs, we are devoted to give you best results on these.

  Lighting, modern and antique are both well covered! We also fix and refurbish old and antique lights.

  Repairs for many other brands of electric types of devices. With our thorough knowledge from decades of work in this area we are one of the largest service providers in our area! Our services cover most of the housing technology brands sold in Finland.

  Larger electric machines, ask an offer from us!

What ever you might be planning on electricity, contact us today!


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Sähköpuoti Oy
Linnanpajantie 7
00950 Helsinki

From 18.9.2017 our new address will be: Nietostie 12, 01390 Vantaa

Mo-Fri 8:00 - 16:00
tel: 010 231 6085

In the net 24/7
Service Requests (in English)
Service Enquiries (in English)



New! LVI Produkter new models Yali Parada, Yali Rama, Yali Digital, Yali Comfort ja Kaba are now available through us. These heaters provide you with exceptional comfort of heating. With cold weather drawing near, contact us now to find out more!


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